Wellbeing Living Learning Community

The Wellbeing Community will introduce students to the eight dimensions of personal well-being.  Students participating in this community will be required to attend 8 program offerings a semester that covers at least 4 dimensions of well-being. Through these offerings (programs, workshops, and other experiences), residents will discover what well-being means to them and how to practice these dimensions in their everyday life so that they may thrive as Roadrunners.  Students will also be required to complete a fitness assessment at the beginning of the Fall and end of the Spring semesters.


Participating in the Wellbeing Living Learning Community can help students establish long-lasting relationships quicker and meet new people at events tailored for them.  Look no further if you’re looking for fun and active events with your community at the Recreation Center.

Community Events and Programming:
Group Fitness Classes, Demonstration Kitchens, Fitness Assessments, Group Climbing on the rock wall, Fitness Competitions, Academic Advising Workshops, Floor Socials, Financial Aid Workshops, Coffee chats with faculty, Volunteer opportunities, and much more.

Community events take place at Alvarez Hall, Campus Recreation, and other on-campus offices.

How to Join

Select "Wellbeing Living Learning Community" on your housing application as your Special Interest Housing of choice. There are no pre-requisite majors or courses you need to take to live in WLLC.

Locations for 2022-23 Alvarez Hall
Special Notes: Limited to 30 spaces

For questions or additional information, email campus.recfitness@utsa.edu

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