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Group Exercise

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Fall 2021 Group Exercise Schedule (In-Person & Virtual)

Classes are for participants of all fitness levels and modifications to most movements are provided to maximize accessibility. Registration is required for all classes at this time.



Group Exercise Descriptions

C – Cardio    RT – Resistance Training    MB – Mind Body

Aqua Cardio - Enjoy this REFRESHING non-impact environment to gain cardiovascular fitness and strength in shallow water using hand buoys and noodles for added resistance. Non-swimmers welcome. Lifeguard on duty. C/RT

Barre PLUS - This is a full body workout, focused on strengthening, toning, and stretching through isometric and ballet -inspired movements. Equipment and new skills will be used to challenge and change your body! See you at the ‘barre’! C/RT/MB

BUTI Yoga - This calorie-scorching workout fuses power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance and body sculpting movement.  Buti® yoga activates all areas of your abdominal muscles by using spiral movements, as opposed to linear ones. Buti® Yoga classes are paired with pumping music and are open to people of all fitness abilities.  MB/C/RT

Cardio Dance – Get your body moving and your blood pumping!  This class offers current dance and aerobic-inspired moves for a fun workout sure to make you sweat. C

Cardio Kickboxing - This workout integrates punches, kicks, partner drills, and plyometric drills into a high intensity cardiovascular workout. Some body weight toning, abs, and stretching will be included. C

Core Blast - Thirty (30) jam-packed minutes of challenging exercises targeting the abdominals, oblique’s, and low back. Leave feeling strong to the core. RT

Guided Meditation - Guided mediation classes are for those who are new to meditation or looking to enhance their practice. By building a strong foundation through introductory meditation techniques and approaches, you can learn how to access deeper awareness and relaxation levels. MB

HIIT 30 - HIIT 30 is a high intensity interval workout in 30 minutes.  It is a full body workout that not only challenges yourself, but improves your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance. Using your body weight or equipment to push yourself to your limits.  C/RT

Pilates – Lengthen, strengthen, and increase your flexibility utilizing only body weight and minimal equipment in this 45 minute workout all while listening to upbeat music! RT/MB

Ride45- Why ride alone? Come sweat it out and build your energy with a variety of hills, sprints, and challenges for the ultimate cycling experience in just 50 minutes! Towel and water required. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early for proper bike set-up. C/RT

Step it UP! - 45 minutes of sweaty fun step aerobics, with a modern-day twist integrating athletic drills and muscular endurance training guaranteed to STEP UP your workout! This class incorporates a mix of upper and lower body, core, and cardio that will keep your endurance strong! C/RT

Yoga Flow - Challenge and connect your mind and body with yoga asanas, vinyasas, conscious breathing, stretching, and relaxation techniques. Participants arriving late may not be admitted to class. MB

Zumba® Express - This is the perfect express workout to party yourself into shape! Inspired by Latin, international and popular music and dance themes, the routines combine fast and slow rhythms in an interval format to help you sweat, sculpt and move. C