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Just as important as regular exercise and being physically active is making sure your body has the correct nutrition to thrive! Join us for our Demo Kitchen cooking sessions or schedule a free Nutrition Assessment to help yourself level up in the kitchen.




Demo Kitchen

Demo Kitchen cooking sessions are FREE instructional programs that teach cooking techniques and recipes while focusing on nutritional content. These meals are designed to be healthy, inexpensive, and easy to make. Each meal prepared in the Demo Kitchen will include a meal cost sheet and a nutrition information sheet. 

To participate, click the links below to register.

Summer 2023 Schedule:

  • Time: 6 PM (please arrive at least 5 minutes early)
  • Location: Demo Kitchen (located upstairs near the Blue Studio)
  • Registration opens 10 days before the Demo Kitchen occurs
  • Upcoming Dates: 
    • 6/14: Chix Avacado Zucchini Noodles
    • 7/12: Sushi
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Demo Kitchen Series Descriptions:

College Friendly Cooking Series

Don't waste your paycheck on fast food and takeout! Let our Student Cooking Instructors teach you how to make healthy and delicious meals on your own. Even if you are new to cooking, our staff will provide quick, easy, and affordable recipes!

International Cooking Series

Learn about cuisines from around the world! This cultural experience will teach you about ingredients used in various regions of the world and the role of food and cooking in different countries. You will also sample authentic international dishes and learn recipes to use in your own home.

Chef Series

Learn to cook recipes found in 5-star restaurants and show off your skills at the dinner table!

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Nutrition Assessments

Sign up for a FREE one-on-one consultation with our Registered Dietitian. You will have the opportunity to assess and review eating strategies that can assist you with:

  • Managing and menu planning for food allergies
  • Addressing weight gain, loss, or maintenance
  • Obtaining training goals

Register for Virtual and In-Person Nutrition Assessments.

Ask Annie

Can't get an appointment? Have a quick and easy nutrition question for our registered dietitian?  Email AskAnnie and receive a response to a simple nutrition question within 48 hours.

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