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Strength & Conditioning

UTSA Campus Recreation's Strength & Conditioning programming helps bring clients closer to their health and wellbeing goals.  We offer free Fitness Assessments, Equipment Orientations, and Lifting Clinics in addition to an option of Personal Training from nationally certified personal trainers at a much more affordable rate when compared to gyms around San Antonio. Whether your goals are to lose weight, build strength, up your cardio, or simply improve your health, our team can offer customized programs to push you forward.
There are a variety of ways that you can engage with our Personal Trainers for assistance along your fitness journey. Click the links below for more information.












Equipment Orientation

This is an opportunity for members to become familiarized with the strength and conditioning equipment available at the UTSA Campus Recreation. The orientations are conducted by one of the UTSA Campus Recreation's nationally certified personal trainers and are focused in one of three areas: cardio equipment, machine lifting equipment or free weight lifting equipment.

Tutorials last approximately 30 minutes and can cover any machine(s) that you would like to utilize! Free for all UTSA students and Campus Recreation Members.


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Fitness Assessments

 All UTSA Rec Center members are offered two free Fitness Assessments per semester. 

A Fitness Assessment will:

  • Help you understand your current fitness level
  • Allow you to compare your fitness level to the norms and standards of people that are the same age and gender
  • Help you (or a trainer) develop an exercise program to fit your specific needs based on your assessment results
  • Serve as a motivator to adhere to a training regimen and re-assess at a later date to view progress                       

How to Register for a Fitness Assessment


Fitness assessment requests will be processed between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Note: If you submit a request over the weekend, it will be processed that next Monday. You will receive a reply within approximately 48 hours and will be contacted by a trainer within one week.

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Personal Training

How to Register for Personal Training

Click here to register online for Personal Training

If you want to Share-A-Trainer, then all members must register at the same time and pay at the same time. 

Only UTSA Campus Rec members are allowed to register for personal training sessions.

Types of Personal Training Packages

One-on-One Training Packages
Sessions 60 Minutes
4 $140
8 $235
12 $290
16 $365
20 $435


Training for you and your friend, and it must be the same two (2) people getting trained for the length of the package of sessions purchased. Each session is 60 minutes in length.

Share-A-Trainer Packages
Sessions Total Cost Per Person
4 $170 $85
8 $255 $127.50
12 $310 $155
16 $385 $192.50
20 $460 $230

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Women on Weights

This is a program running for six weeks early in the fall & spring semesters. There are 12 total sessions, two per week. There are two available sections. This is a group setting using the MAC Fitness area of the Rec Center. The purpose of the program is to familiarize the participants with weight lifting. The class will utilize a combination of dumbbells, kettlebells, machine weights, TRX straps, medicine balls, and body weight. 

Spring 2022 - Monday/Wednesday - 8PM - 9PM or Tuesday/Thursday - 8AM - 9AM
Class will run from January 31 - March 11
Cost: $99 (Save $10 if you register by February 2nd)

Click HERE to register for Women on Weights

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Lifting Programs

Let us do the work for you in developing a workout plan tailored to your strength level! You provide us your maxes and we will deliver you a workout plan that challenges you to reach your goals. All lifting programs are personally assembled by our Strength & Conditioning Coordinator and are sure to give you one heck of a workout!

Take a look at our current Lifting Programs below:

  • 3 Week Hypertrophy Lifting Program

  • 3 Week Strength / Power Lifting Program

  • 12 Week Strength / Power Lifting Program

  • 12 Week Toning Lifting Program

  • 18 Week Progressive Lifting Program

  • Monthly Lifting Program

For more information or to register for a Lifting Program, click HERE.

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Weight Room Clinics

Our Weight Room Clinics are crash course sessions where you can learn the fundamentals of our special topics for the day and primarily focus on weight lifting. Clinics are free to attend and held in the main weight room. Best of all, you get a FREE GEAR for attending! All clinics are from 2 pm to 4 pm.

1) Exercise Prep - Warm-Up/Roll/Activation & Cool Down – 01/25/22
2) Functional - TRX / Kettlebell – 02/01/22
3) Strength - Squat/FrontSquat/Deadlift – 02/15/22
4) Olympic Lifting – 03/01/22

Click HERE to register for a Weight Room Clinic

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Become A Trainer / Personal Trainer Certification

 Becoming a Personal Trainer might not be as daunting as you think! Check out our page on Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor Certification for more information on how to become a Trainer and how to apply for a job at Campus Rec!

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Meet a Trainer (MAT)

If you would prefer to meet a trainer in person we have our Meet a Trainer (MAT) sessions happening all semester. Catch us out at the South Entrance and we can chat about your goals, do a body fat percentage test, test your vertical jump, and you get some cool swag in the process! No sign-up necessary, just come on in.

11/8 10am - 12pm

11/16 11am - 1pm

Our Trainers


Joann Forehand

Major: Kinesiology - Health Science

Certification(s): American Council on Exercise - Certified Personal Trainer, American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid

Specialties: General Fitness and Wellness, Strength & Conditioning, Resistance Training



Keianna Wells

Major: Kinesiology - Exercise Physiology

Certification(s): International Sports Sciences Association - Certified Personal Trainer, ECSI CPR/AED/First Aid 

Specialties: General Fitness and Wellness, Strength & Conditioning, Weight Training