Our Staff

Zoraida Brady

Building Attendant

Email: zoraida.brady@utsa.edu

Andrew Chadick

Senior Associate Director, Programming and Assessment

Email: Andrew.Chadick@utsa.edu

Madison Cowles

Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications

Email: Madison.Cowles@utsa.edu

David Dunnington

Assistant Director, Outdoor Pursuits

Email: david.dunnington@utsa.edu

Burt Ferguson

Assistant Director, Membership Services

Email: Burt.Ferguson@utsa.edu

Cy Fondal

Assistant Director, Sport Programs

Email: Cy.Fondal@utsa.edu

Nick Ibarra

Building Attendant

Email: nick.ibarra@utsa.edu

Derrick Jenkins

Program Coordinator, Strength & Conditioning

Email: Derrick.Jenkins@utsa.edu

Steve Kudika

Assistant Director, Fitness and Wellness

Email: Steve.Kudika@utsa.edu

Ja Loflin

Building Attendant

Email: ja.loflin@utsa.edu

Victoria Lopez-Herrera

Senior Associate Director, Student Development

Email: Victoria.Lopez-Herrera@utsa.edu

Pey-Jing Li Mehrinfar

Coordinator, Communications

Email: Pey-Jing.Mehrinfar@utsa.edu

Laura Munroe

Executive Director

Email: Laura.Munroe@utsa.edu

Elizabeth Pavlicek

Program Coordinator, Group Exercise

Email: elizabeth.pavlicek@utsa.edu

Rob Ramón

Assistant Director, Facilities and Special Events

Email: Rob.Ramon@utsa.edu

Taylor Roby Perez

Assistant Director, Aquatics

Email: Taylor.Roby@utsa.edu


Building Attendant

Robert Santellanes

Building Attendant

Email: robert.santellanes@utsa.edu

Lupe Vargas

Supervisor, Custodial Services

Email: Guadalupe.Vargas@utsa.edu


Program Coordinator, Sport Programs