Iron Grip Club

The Iron Grip Club is for participants to compete in three weight training lifts: Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. The sum of these 3 lifts must equal or exceed 600, 800, 1000, or 1200 pounds to qualify as a member of this club and receive a prize and recognition.  This competition is gender neutral, any sex can compete in the following weight divisions provided.

This event will run through every semester. Each lifter will have to adhere to the specific lifting requirements; a supervisor can give an example prior to the lift.

Lifting Requirements

  • During the test, the lifter will do a 1RM (1 rep max) for Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift
  • Participants will have a maximum of five (5) attempts total for the semester to obtain their 1RM.
  • The observing supervisor for the competition will record and total the three 1RMs and determine if the participants have reached the appropriate weight level.
Requirements: Set Amounts 
Squat 405 lbs
Bench                  300 lbs
Deadlift 495 lbs
Total 1,200 lbs


Squat             345 lbs
Bench 250 lbs
Deadlift 405 lbs
Total 1,000 lbs


Squat             285 lbs
Bench 200 lbs
Deadlift 315 lbs
Total  800 lbs


Squat             215 lbs
Bench 135 lbs
Deadlift 250 lbs
Total 600 lbs

1) The lifter must take the bar on the back of their shoulders and move away from the rack in an upright position.  

2) When the lifter is in a stable position (no movement of the feet is allowed until the lift is completed) the judge (supervisor) shall call “Squat”. The lifter must sit down to a required depth (hip joint below the knee joint) and stand up without any assistance to return to their original standing/upright position.
3) The lifter must wait for the head judge to call "Rack" and demonstrate a backward movement back of the hand, until the bar can be replaced on the racks. Spotters may assist to return the bar to the racks.

Bench Press

1) The lifter must lie backwards with the head, shoulders and buttocks in contact with the bench. The lifter receives the bar at arm's length from the spotters.
2) On receiving a command from the head judge to "Start", the bar is brought down onto the chest, paused and then it is pressed back to the starting position.   Throughout the lift, the lifter’s head, shoulders and buttocks shall remain in constant contact with the bench.
3) The judge then gives the command “rack” with a movement of the hand backwards. The bar is then returned to the bench rack.


1) Any rising of the bar or deliberate attempt to do so will count as an attempt. Once the attempt has begun, no downward movement is allowed until the lifter reaches the erect position with the knees locked.

The close signal will not be given until the bar is held motionless and the lifter is in the apparent finished position. The Fitness Supervisor’s signal shall consist of a downward movement of the arm and the audible command “Down”.
For the lifter’s safety and others surrounding the area (spotters and loaders), the lifter must guide down the bar to the platform. If the bar is release from the palms of the hands before reaching to the knee level, the Fitness Supervisor will consider it as a no lift.
Failure to comply with any of the rules or items outlined, it will considered as an automatic disqualification.

This challenge occurs year-round and can be done at anytime during facility hours. To participate, sign up at the Weight Room Desk. Talk to a Cardio Fitness Staff Member for more information. 

Name Weight Date
Nathan Summers 365 Squat/ 185 Bench/ 185 Power clean = 875lb Winner  December 2017
Dominic Nguyin 315 Squat / 225 Bench/ 185 Power clean = 725lb Winner  October 2017